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If your goal is smart and efficient water solutions, Denmark is ready as your partner.

Denmark is surrounded by water, yet freshwater is still a scarce resource. For 30 years, we have been rethinking water and building expertise within water efficiency. Denmark has decided to lead the transition to a green growth economy and will be independent of fossil fuels by 2050 as the first country in the world. 


The Danish suppliers operate within all facets of the water industry, whether it is ground water, drinking water, process water, wastewater, urban water issues etc. Denmark has been developing sustainable, energy efficient solutions for many years, with the main focus on combining quality, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. This makes Danish suppliers valuable partners that offer you a high level of know-how and experience.


Water China is part of Danish Export Association – the largest organizer of export networks in Denmark with +600 member companies. The network of suppliers in Danish Export – Water China gives you access to a full range of services within the water industry and is able provide you with system solutions, reducing your time and costs spent on searching for suppliers.

Danish Export – Water China is your entry to the Danish suppliers.


Large parts of the world are facing severe challenges with drinking water and wastewater treatment. This has caused interest in Danish water technology and the Danish water model to grow, which has led to increasing international cooperation in the water sector.


Energy Generating Wastewater Treatment Plants


Reduction of Dry Matter Content in Sludge


National NRW Avarage of Danish Water Utilities


- of all distributed water globally is lost or never invoiced


Here you can find some of the solutions we can offer within wastewater, energy optimization, reduce sludge, surplus energy, etc.

Drinking water

Here you can find some of the solutions we can offer within drinking water, NRW, safe water, etc.


Facts About Denmark

Here you can find case stories, white papers, articles, newsletters on everything within Danish water solutions.

White Papers


Case: Danfoss: Energy efficient APP pumps are leading the way to fulfil Chinese ZLD legislation

As China continues to sharpen its focus on environmentally sustainable industrial production, zero liquid discharge legislation is...

Case: Hempel protects drinking water pipeline project in Fujian

From December 2009 to November 2010, China Merchantsdrinking water company carried out the drinking water pipelineproject in Zhangzhou...

Case: AVK Wins An Impressive Order Based on A Product and Solution Package – Series 859 control valves optimizing pressure management of water distribution

It is well-known that one of the major factors that influence the leakage rate is a high pressure in the distribution system. Most pipe...

Case: AVK – Achieving zero discharge of harmful industrial circulating water

Industrial circulating water affects the surrounding environment In order to greet the XXIV Olympic Winter Games and improve...

Case: Grundfos: Ningbo doses safely and accurately for 1.5 million citizens.

Ningbo built its first modern water treatment plant in 2007. Raised on a hillside in the mountains near this urban area of about 4 million...

Case: Grundfos: Pump upgrade for growing city brings efficiency – plus surprise benefits

The Situation In a mountainous region of Qujiang, China, where the water supply has been traditionally helped by gravity’s flow,...

Case: Hoyer Motors: Increasing demand for clean and clear wastewater.

In both the Middle East and Far East, demand for better water and wastewater management is on the rise. In Hong Kong, Hoyer electric...

Case: Wastewater as a resource instead of a problem

The United Nations’ 17 goals for a sustainable future should not only be UN’s. It should be ours, all of us, if we want to be successful...


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Members of Danish Export – Water China

Alfa Laval Shanghai Technologies Co Ltd

AVK Valves (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Danfoss Automatic Controls Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Danske Bank A/S Beijing Rep. Office

GRUNDFOS Pumps (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Svend Hoyer Power Transmission (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.


Project partners

The project is supported by partners in Denmark and China e.g. VCS Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association. Danish Export Association lead the U-S-E Water Project, which is funded by The Danish Industry Foundation.