About Danish Water Technology

Denmark Knows Water

Danish Water Technology, operated by the Danish Export Association, financially supported by the Danish Industry Foundation, is aiming to build and enhance the exchange and cooperation between China and Denmark in terms of water technologies. The project is run from Danish Export Association’s office in Denmark, while the Association’s Chinese office in Shanghai is working on creating awareness on the market about Danish solutions as well as building relations with the right partners in China.

A long-term approach

The project is a coordinated and long-term approach to cultivate, build and strengthen relations between relevant actors in Denmark and China to benefit both parties.

The partners behind Danish Water Technology

The project is led by Danish Export Association and the two networks Danish Export – Water based in Denmark and Danish Export – Water China based in Danish Export Association’s Chinese office in Shanghai. The Danish Industry Foundation supports the project with 7 million DKK. Furthermore, the project partners are VCS – Danish Utility, the Danish Embassy in Beijing and the Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association (SEPIA).



Ilse Korsvang

Ilse Korsvang

Head of Project Management

+45 5089 4488

Lixia Duan

Lixia Duan

Project Consultant

+45 6020 8565 (Denmark)
+86 13681729617 (China)
Jingquan Lu/吕京全

Jingquan Lu/吕京全

Strategic Partnership Consultant

+45 28761988 (Denmark)
+86 15841397850 (China)