As part of the project, Danish companies will be supported financially through the following model in each phase. Your own payment covers external consulting for individual business development, as well as travel expenses. It is not a prerequisite to participate in all activities. Hence your own costs depend on your degree of participation and your need for consulting and advice.

Price example

The project runs for three years and has a total budget of 9.5 million DKK. The Danish Industry Foundation has granted approximately 7 million DKK, and Danish Export Association and the participating companies contribute 2.5 million DKK.

The proportion of costs covered by the companies will increase as the project progresses. If 50 companies participate, the individual cost for each participating company will amount to approximately 50.000 DKK during the project period of three years plus work hours, travel and hotel expenses.


Ilse Korsvang

Ilse Korsvang

Head of Project Management

Jorge Rico Villar

Jorge Rico Villar

Project Consultant

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