Upcoming activities:


  • April 20 – 22, 2022: IE Expo China 2022,
    Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

    Come and visit the Pavilion of Denmark at
    Hall W4-K41, where you will meet a group of top-quality Danish water technology providers. At the same time, join our seminar at Conference Room W4-M7 to learn how Denmark is achieving carbon neutral in water sector and to meet Danish water experts and utilities from 13—16 o’clock on 20th of April.

    We look forward to seeing you there!


  • May 30 – June 3, 2022:IFAT 2022, Munich, Germany


  • Sep. 11-15, 2022: Expected Chinese delegation to IWA World Water Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark

Previous activities

What we have been up to so far.

IE Expo Shanghai, China & Seminar 20-22 April 2021

At the IE Expo April 20-22, 2021 in Shanghai, we had our Danish pavilion with the Danish companies Hoyer Motors, Hempel, Stjernholm, KD Group, VCS Denmark, and State of Green. Consul General Jakob Linulff visited our booth(see pic).

In the meantime, we held two Danish seminars/webinars together with State of Green. Drinking water and Wastewater were the main foucuses in the seminars/webinars.

There were 43 online sign ups in total. Appx. 15 participants joined webinars, while appx. 40 participants joined the seminars at the site for both sessions(see pic).

Xinhua News Agency (the biggest and most influential media in China)has launched a press release (in Chinese) day after seminar, which was republished by other 16 Chinese medias afterwards.

Chinese stakeholder under Covid-19, January 2021

A big step ahead in the U-S-E Water Project

Successful combined offline/online workshops between Chinese EPC/utilities and Danish member companies are moving the U-S-E Water project by Danish Export Association to the next step.

The goal of the U-S-E water project is to assist Danish member companies in building connections and/or increasing sales in China by cooperating with Chinese water market partners.

Our colleagues Lixia Duan and Jingquan Lu traveled to China in January 2021 to arrange Water and Wastewater workshops with 4 prospective Chinese partners:

1. Penyao Environmental Protection Co. Ltd.

2. Beijing CSD Green Energy Environment Technology Co. Ltd.

3. Guangdong Xinhuan Environmental Industry Group Co., Ltd

4. China Everbright Water Ltd. (Hereinafter “Everbright”). 

Next step – getting into business with solution packages

The workshops in January have successfully built a network for some of DEA’s Water China member companies and Chinese partners. It has made a significant stride towards the U-S-E water project’s goal: expanding and strengthening our Danish member companies’ sales in the Chinese water and wastewater sector.

To continue, we are working on getting information on exact plants and areas for co-operation, as well as developing solution packages combining the knowledge of VCS with the products of our member companies. And we are applying for funds for a long term continuation of our work. Just get in touch if you want to hear more.


Visiting program continues in China u nder Covid-19, September 2020

Our planned activities continue even under the COVID-19 restrictions

In spring 2020, an unexpected pandemic attacked the whole of the world. Many of the planned activities for the U-S-E Water project had to stop due to the restrictions both in Denmark and in China. However, just after reopening, we adjusted our schedule.

Starting in July, we made new meeting appointments with our key Chinese partners—the local giant water EPC companies. In September 2020, our colleague, Jingquan Lü, was sent to visit China to restart the cooperation activities and make new cooperation plans on behalf of Water China, Danish Export Association. We were assisting Jingquan Lü here in Denmark during his visit to China.

Upon the request of our member companies, Jingquan Lü visited the potential agent/partner companies. The capacity, liability, and business plan for cooperation with our member companies were assessed and reported to the specific member companies.

During Jingquan Lü’s 44-day stay in China, he visited seven cities, i.e., Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ji’nan, Suzhou, Shenyang, and Fushun. He had meetings with the management and technical personnel of the water EPC companies and had discussions with the local water authorities.



On October 23, the annual membership was held in Shanghai with our member company Würth. Ilse Korsvang and Lixia Duan participated in the meeting online in Denmark. Some of the top management leaders of the member companies also participated online. The member companies presented their suggestions and opinions on how Water China should work together in the Chinese market.

Jingquan Lü also visited the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing. The Danish Consulate in Guangzhou helped with Jingquan’s visit to Shenzhen. Danfoss assisted Jingquan’s visits both in Beijing and in Ji’nan.

On behalf of the association, Jingquan Lü presented the results of his visit to the Chinese companies and the future work plan. They agreed that we should make technology solutions where the Danish products are included and bring the solutions to the Chinese partner companies, starting with demonstration projects.

USE Water Status Meeting at VCS Denmark - December 2019

USE Water China has now been running for a year and we have completed a number of activities.

Minutes from the meeting

When: December 12, 2019 at. 930-12.30

At the meeting we presented Lixia Duan, which we have just hired in Silkeborg.

Lixia hails from Shanghai, where for several years she has worked as Marketing Manager for AVK in Shanghai. Lixia will in future carry out consultancy work, as well as contribute to the success of our project.

Chinese market structure and stakeholders

Lixia then gave a small presentation of the Chinese market structure and stakeholders, followed by a discussion.

Chinese water quality standards
Presentation by Lars Skov Andersen ChinaRM about Chinese water quality standards

  • Lars showed the standards for about rivers, wastewater, urban and rural, and is preparing a document on this.

U-S-E- Status since August by Ilse:

  • Minus two employees in Shanghai + 1 in Denmark and 1 in Shanghai
  • One company in offices in Shanghai.
  • Consulting jobs done:
  1. Screening report finished
  2. Product report finished
  3. Full segment report finished
  4. Screening report – index/TOR is to be drafted
  • Finished WWTP-film on Ejby Mølle WWTP
  • Finished new Chinese-customer targeted website
  • Water Summit Beijing held together with Grundfos – launch of GWI Whitepaper: Water & Energy in China
  • Roadshow Beijing & Shanghai – visiting a number of potential customers/partners
  • Internal workshops in Beijing and Shanghai
  • Taking part in Delegation visit headed by Minister of Environment to Beijing and Shenzhen, with visits to BEWG, Beijing Capital Group, Bao An District Shenzhen, Sino-Danish Water Forum in Beijing and in Shenzhen
  • Board meeting in Shanghai

Presentation on the web strategy by Jorge

Jorge Rico gave a small presentation on the web strategy for the USE Water Project. Due to different target groups, there has been developed two separate web platforms.

Goals of USE Water by Ilse

  1. To increase awareness and interest, so that customers may desire – and acquire your products
  2. To educate Chinese frontrunner customers to desire sustainable, quality solutions
  3. Ultimate goal: To showcase Danish solutions in China  – WWTP and NRW

Action plan for spring 2020

Track A:

  1. Make criteria for partners, and create list of potentials   (NRW/WWTP?)
  2. Discuss potential list, and visit potentials (January)
  3. Decide on 2 – 3 potentials and negotiate agreement (February/March)
  4. Decide content of technical workshops and prepare these/translate (February/March)
  5. Carry through technical workshops (March)

Track B:

  1. Continue consulting work and carry out visits with members


To conclude – we had a lot of good input, – we have many things to consider, but the group was positive.

It was stated, that with common values it is easier to get access as a group, and then pursue personal interest in second row.

The Water China group will continue their efforts with all the planning and activities for spring 2020.

Water Delegation to China headed by the Danish Minister for Environment - 25-29 November 2019

The Confederation of Danish Industry is pleased to invite all interested companies to take part in a water delegation to China.

The business delegation will be headed by the Danish Minister of Environment, Lea Wermelin, and builds on a fruitful visit to Denmark by the Chinese Minister for Water Resources in December 2018. The delegation will be centered around exploring potential collaboration, semi-nars and on-site visits to Danish projects in Beijing and Shenzen.

The delegtion will adress: Sponge cities, metering and NWR, water treatment and reuse of water as well as digitalization. All are areas where Danish companies are active in China and known to supply state of the art water solutions.

  • Opportunity to take part in two seminars in Beijing and Shenzen, showcasing Danish strongholds within water
  • Access to key decision makers in the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources and the opportunity to build important relationships with relevant decision makers
  • Interesting site visits to Danish projects in Beijing and Shenzen
  • Fresh insights into the Chinese investment plan for future water infrastructure and smart city solutions

IF - USE Water - Roadshow to Beijing & Shanghai, China - September 2019

We had 10 companies joining us on our Roadshow to China. Alfa Laval, Aquaporin, AVK, Danfoss, Grundfos, Hempel, Hoyer, Kamstrup, KD Group, and Vandcenter Syd.

The roadshow consisted of company visits to some of the most influential water institutions in Beijing and Shanghai, workshops and participation in the Sino-Danish Sustainable Water Technology Summit at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing hosted by Grundfos and Danish Export – Water China. (More details of the visits and events here)

At all the visits and events, every company presented their solutions and networked with high-level executives and decision makers. This is a big step towards establishing cooperation between Chinese and Danish water companies.

IF - USE Water - VCS Workshop - August 2019

More than 20 different companies joined the workshop at Vandcenter Syd. The goal of the workshop was to update the participating companies on the state of the U-S-E Water Project and to form work groups to better define the marketing activities, so they fit the needs of the companies.

A new info-graphic regarding the U-S-E Water Project was presented to create a better understanding of the project. See the info-graphic here.

The Roadshow to China in September was of course also a focal point of the workshop. For more information press here.

Read the minutes from the workshop here.

IE Expo Shanghai, China, & Qingdao, China, 11-17 April 2019

IE Expo Shanghai, April 11th – 17th, 2019, Qingdao and Shanghai, China

IE EXPO is the number one environmental technology trade fair for all of Asia. Presented by IFAT, the fair is the ideal platform for exchanging knowledge and developing dialogue with potential Asian partners interested in new products, services and technologies.

During IE Expo, we held meetings with our Chinese stakeholders and partners, conducted a very popular seminar on Danish water technology, and collected valuable data for future reference. We also participated in and gave a speech at a China-Europe Water Platform conference in Qingdao.

IE- USE Water-Workshop, March 2019


  • I denne workshop vil vi kigge nærmere på mulige projekter og arbejde med en række undertemaer, fx ophavsret, kapital/finansiering og markedsføringen af projektet i Kina.
  • Du vil også få et oplæg fra vores kontor i Kina, der vil give en status på projektets køreplan –  set med kinesiske briller.
  • Aquaporin vil fortælle om deres joint venture med Aquapoten, og Vandcenter Syd vil give et konkret eksempel på en tur til Wuxi i Kina, hvor de fik åbnet døren til den lokale forsyning.
  • Få en tilbagemelding på det møde, der er afholdt i Kina med kinesiske projektejere og mulige samarbejdspartnere.

IF - USE Water - Information Meeting - January 2019


Nyt Industriens Fond projekt hjælper din virksomhed på vandmarkedet i Kina

Kom til gratis infomøde i januar og hør, hvordan du får gavn af projektet.

Projektet skal udbrede kendskabet til danske løsninger inden for vandteknologi og hjælpe dig med at etablere og skabe vedvarende eksport til det kinesiske marked. Størstedelen af projektet finansieres af Industriens Fond.

Deltag i gratis infomøde, og hør mere om projektet og mulighederne for din virksomhed:
På mødet får du indsigt i den nuværende markedssituation i Kina, viden om projektet, aktiviteterne og økonomien bag.

  • Mandag den 14. januar 2019, kl.14-17 hos Rambøll i København
  • Tirsdag den 15. januar 2019, kl.14-17 hos Aquaglobe i Skanderborg

Stakeholder meeting, December 20, 2018

Stakeholder meeting December 20th, 2018

To facilitate constructive dialogue and coordination across relevant stakeholders in the water sector, a preliminary meeting was held in Copenhagen on December 20th in order to inform and collect feedback, thus ensuring the best possible knowledge sharing for companies participating in the U-S-E Water project.

Ilse Korsvang

Ilse Korsvang

Head of Project Management

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Jorge Rico Villar

Jorge Rico Villar

Project Consultant

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Lixia Duan

Lixia Duan

Project Consultant

+45 6020 8565 (Denmark)
+86 13681729617 (China)
Jingquan Lu/吕京全

Jingquan Lu/吕京全

Strategic Partnership Consultant

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+86 15841397850 (China)