CIEPEC Beijing 2020 & IE expo Shanghai 2020 Cloud



我们集合了八家丹麦企业参加两个展会,他们是:丹佛斯、海虹老人、国际水协会丹麦、KD集团、Landia A/S, Stjernholm, Ultraaqua UV Disinfection Systems和伍尔特工业系统中国。


CIEPEC Beijing 2020 & IE expo Shanghai 2020 Cloud

Great news!

We are going to CIEPEC Beijing 2020 and IE expo Shanghai 2020 with a group of Danish companies, sort of…

In the mist of covid-19, the exhibitions got postponed from their original dates to August 2020. But the travel restrictions for non-Chinese citizens among other issues resulted in a cancelation of the Danish Pavilion.

To make up for all the missing international exhibitors, the organizers have arranged Cloud versions of the exhibitions, so the international exhibitors still get to exhibit their company, products, and services.

We got the opportunity to gather a group of 8 Danish companies to join us in the IE expo Shanghai Cloud to promote the innovative water solutions that Danish companies has to offer.

With us are: Danfoss, Hempel, IWA Denmark c/o Danva, KD Group DWE, Landia A/S, Stjernholm, Ultraaqua UV Disinfection Systems and Würth.

Danish companies offer high quality products and services that are long lasting, innovative, and sustainable. If you are interested in knowing more about the Danish companies, please contact us.