Danish Export Association and its networks Danish Export – Water and Danish Export – Water China lead the Danish Water Technology funded by The Danish Industry Foundation. The project is supported by partners in Denmark and China. You can read more about the partners below:

The Danish Industry Foundation

The Danish Industry Foundation develops and supports innovative, inspirational and economically sustainable projects and initiatives that strengthen the competitiveness of the Danish industry. Read more.

Danish Export Association

Danish Export Association hosts a large number of networks within key industries representing manufacturers, consultants and service providers, making it an excellent platform for you to locate new business partners. Read more.


The Trade Council

The Trade Council is a part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and assists Danish and international companies with export and investment promotion services. Read more.


Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association was established in March 1985, and approved and registered by Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. The purpose of SEPIA is to serve the government, enterprises and industries, strengthen the scientific and technological research of environmental protection industry as well as development of new technologies and products, strengthen international exchanges and market cooperation, and actively promote the environment. SEPIA has approximately 400 member companies.. Read more.

VandCenter Syd/VCS Denmark

VandCenter Syd/VCS Denmark is a Danish water and wastewater company with more than 150 years of operational experience – and a strong tradition for innovation. We share our knowledge through our consultancy services and through customized training programmes that match the specific needs of each client. Read more.

In cooperation with

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Read more.

State of Green

State of Green is a not-for-profit, public-private partnership from Denmark that fosters relations with international stakeholders interested in discussing their challenges and bring into play relevant Danish competencies and technologies that enable the green transition. Read more about State of Green.