Seeking Consultancy for working with water in China 

Terms of Reference: Support to the U-S-E 2.0 Water Partnership in China  

Danish Export-Water China (DEA-Water), Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA) and Trade Council´s Water and environment Team (TC W&E) at the Embassy in Beijing have established a partnership on water in China. The partnership can be seen as a follow-up on earlier years isolated activities carried out by DEA Water, DEPA and TC W&E. But now we are joining forces in a historical strong export initiative on water in 2022-23.

The partnership on water in China has received funds to implement a large number of relevant activities to support sales of Danish water technologies in China: Focus will be on the water supply and waste water treatment in the bigger Chinese cities. We will involve the expertise of Chinese and Danish consultants as well as the Danish utilities. The objective is to create interest of the biggest Chinese water utilities to meet with a group of Danish water technology providers and through that help the Chinese utilities to deliver on new serious requirements in China´s 14th Five-year Plan on CO2 emissions and water savings.

The partnership is therefore seeking a consultant from 15. November 2022 until end of 2023 with the following qualification:

  • The consultant must be fluent in speaking and writing Chinese and English languages.
  • The consultant should have a working background in China, preferably from working experiences with Chinese authorities/utilities and water companies. The Consultant must be able to contact and communicate with the Chinese authorities and utilities and EPCs, and with that to continue the cooperations, which DEA-Water has set up during the earlier U-S-E Water project implementation period in China. Furthermore, the consultant should be able to work together with TC W&E to establish new cooperation platforms with more utilities/water companies in China to pave the way for the Danish companies to have long-term sales opportunities. 
  • The consultant must have knowledge and understanding of Chinese water technology solutions and processes and operational status of the Chinese water works and WWTPs. The Consultant must be able to assist Danish experts to formulate technical solutions/proposals and green audits, and also help the Chinese partners to understand and adopt the Danish technology with a view to buying Danish technologies. 
  • The consultant is expected to have the knowledge/understanding of the water/wastewater treatment technology solutions that have been implemented in the utilities in Denmark, so that the consultant is able to present advanced Danish technology solutions in the Chinese context and by that creating basis for the Danish companies to have “face time” with Chinese partner decision makers. 
  • Preferably, the consultant should have sufficient knowledge of the Danish products to suggest the forming of “company group” approaches to meet the specific demands of different Chinese partners. The “company group” approach is considered important in order to facilitate participation of more Danish SME in the partnership activities. 
  • The consultant will participate in organizing and conducting delegation visits of Danish companies to China and Chinese companies to Denmark.
  • The Consultant should keep close regular contact with the project partners, and support the planned webinars, technical workshop, exhibitions etc.

The consultancy must be expected to include several extended travels to China – and some travel activity in Denmark too. The covid19 situation in China will be uncertain during the period of implementation. Covid 19 restriction might deem it necessary to face quarantines in any location in China, of normally 1-2 weeks duration (but longer periods cannot be excluded.)

Please confirm letter of interest for delivering the consultancy before 11th November, 2022 to Team Leader Water and Environment at the Danish Embassy in Beijing,  Lars Eskild Jensen

The letter of interest should include the consultant´s CV and former experiences with similar work. It must further include an economical offer in two parts:

  1. Monthly fee in DKK – based on 22 days of work excluding travel cost, hotel accommodation and per diem.
  2. Monthly fee in DKK – based on 22 days of work including self-payment of hotel accommodation and cost, but excluding travel cost.


Lars Eskild Jensen

Team leader Water & Environment Team, Beijing