Danish Export-Water China (DEA-Water), Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA) and Trade Council´s Water and environment Team (TC W&E) at the Embassy in Beijing have established a partnership on water in China. The partnership can be seen as a follow-up on earlier years isolated activities carried out by DEA Water, DEPA and TC W&E. But now we are joining forces in a historical strong export initiative on water in 2022-23.

The partnership on water in China has received funds to implement a large number of relevant activities to support sales of Danish water technologies in China: Focus will be on the water supply and waste water treatment in the bigger Chinese cities. We will involve the expertise of Chinese and Danish consultants as well as the Danish utilities. The objective is to create interest of the biggest Chinese water utilities to meet with a group of Danish water technology providers and through that help the Chinese utilities to deliver on new serious requirements in China´s 14th Five-year Plan on CO2 emissions and water savings.

  • The role of the Consultancy is to act as “water ambassador” for green solutions implemented at Danish utilities, and by that during online or physical meetings functioning as “colleagues” to representatives of Chinese Water Groups.
  • The Consultancy is expected to cover both Wastewater and water supply.
  • The Consultancy will consist of (but limited to) the following activities: Webinars, inputs to optimization of WWTP´s and Water Supply (NRW), bridging to Danish solutions, visits in DK and visits to China etc. The activities will be synchronized with the overall activity of U-S-E Water 2.0, 2022-23 (see below).
  • The contract should be considered as a framework contract with an overall agreed frame and where the specific activities will be decided on quarterly basis based on the U-S-E 2.0 work plan.
  • The Consultancy will be carried out from signing of the contract primo August 2023 to end of 2023.
  • The Consultancy could entail organizing and conducting delegation visits of Danish companies to China and Chinese companies to Denmark.
  • The Consultancy should be conducted in close regular contact with the project partners, and support the planned webinars, technical workshop, exhibitions etc.

Please forward note of interest to mail: larjen@um.dk  – not later than 14. July 2023

Lars Eskild Jensen

Team leader Water & Environment Team, Beijing