Welcome New Member to the Water China Team

We are very happy to announce, that as of 1st August 2020 Mr Jingquan Lu will be working for our U-S-E Water project as a consultant. In his work for Danish Export, Jingquan will be focusing solely on establishing closer connections with potential Chinese customers, promoting Danish products and solutions, setting up workshops, with the eventual goal to be able to show a Danish demonstration plant in China.

We are looking very much forward to this, as Jingquan has a lot of experience with Chinese authorities, utilities, and Danish companies. From his education in Denmark, he also knows about the qualities in Danish products and solutions. At the same time, though living in Denmark, Jingquan is a Chinese citizen and this will solve some of our difficulties in travelling in China at the moment.

Jingquan Lu has his Bachelor study from Tianjin University in China, and his MSc and PhD from the Technical University of Denmark. All of his study subjects are in the fields of environmental microbiology and bio-energy technology.

Before studying in Denmark, Jingquan worked 8 years for the local government in Liaoning in China.

After his PhD study, Jingquan worked 5 years as assistant professor and research scientist at the Technical University of Denmark focusing on the biogas/biomass area. This means that we will benefit from very deep professional knowledge on biogas, wastewater and water.

In 2011, Jingquan started his career of establishing technological and industrial co-operations between Denmark and China in the fields of environment and energy, and Jingquan Lu has set up extensive networks both in Denmark and in China.

We hope that you will all give Jingquan a warm welcome.